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As young adults, my students are able to think globally, contribute perspectives, and solve problems that they may not have noticed before. I aim to be a facilitator that gives them enough space to be creative while establishing a boundary of respect in the classroom; the classroom must also be a place of both safety and uncomfortableness through which we learn/negotiate issues that are affecting the political, social, and personal climate. This happens most through discussions and collaborative work.

Students should be given the space to spearhead their own education and curiosity. Thus, students are encouraged to contribute their unique perspective to the classroom and given the invitation to influence the course schedule to fit their growth.


Providing Feedback

Luckily, I have found that many of my students are receptive to constructive feedback because I frame it as a necessary aspect of growth. I aim to be thorough when responding to student work, such as on Canvas or over email, because conversations about writing are often intimate and stressful for students. In the photo below, students submitted their ideas and plans for their final analysis paper for American Literature. I was sure to provide ample feedback and offer suggestions to refine the students' argument based on our discussion in class.

Photo of Canvas paper submission with commentary on the right side of the photo. This paper submission discussed student plans for writing about "The Atlantic Expedition Address" in relation to economic equality. Photo used with student permission.

Through Canvas, I utilized a color coded system for in-text feedback. Green sections denote creative connections and/or critical thinking within the student's writing. Yellow sections usually mark reoccurring grammatical errors or moments to reconsider. I limit the use of red highlighting as a pedagogical choice. The photo below shows comments on a student's first submission however, her comment is after she chose to utilize the course revision policy for ENGL 1120 and shows the changes she aimed to make in her revision.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 11.14.58

Photo of canvas paper submission with color-coded in-text comments from me. Original summative statement about the paper submission and the student's reply below on the right side of the photo. Photo used with student permission.

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