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My interests in community are visible in my service to my academic community. Through various positions as a graduate student at Auburn University, it has been my goal to help maintain an open, communal atmosphere in our program in order to foster professionalism and build strong interdisciplinary relationships. 

Through this service to the English Department, my event planning and communication skills grew. In addition, I learned from my mistakes and the constructive criticism of peers in order to better address the needs of our graduate community. 

Program Assistantship with the Director of Graduate Studies

Tip 5. Think long term

Sometimes the mentor who is going to help you grow the most is the one with high expectations. And that is often intimidating. But, take a look in the proverbial mirror. If

the goal is to become better in your field, who is going to push you? Think of character traits shared by mentors who’ve helped you in the past. What kind of motivation do you respond to? Who will be the one to push you?

Recently, as an assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies, my work focused on improving the experience of graduate students in our program. Through this position I was able to create new materials for professionalization for incoming graduate students to assist in navigating a new space and connecting with both peer and professional mentors. Through this position I conducted research on best practices for graduate students, collected feedback from current students, and created a welcome letter for incoming students for the Fall of 2018.

English Graduate Association

As the Master’s Co-Chair for the English Graduate Association, my aim has been to create opportunities for professionalization and support for my peers. The most crucial experience to date has been our “Women in Academia” panel, which generated a nuanced discussion of the position and performance of women, men, and non-binary individuals within our program. Other notable panels were the PhD Application panel and the forthcoming Alt-Ac career panel.

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Promotional flyers for EGA panels that I curated.

Additionally, as a member of the English Graduate Association, I have helped in designing, and distributing posters for Latinx Heritage Month as well as assisting in planning/organizing the Southeastern Liberal Arts Research Conference.

Promotional flyers that I designed for Latinx Heritage Month that highlight scholars in the fields of Rhetoric and Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing. Flyers include a headshot of the scholar, brief bio, and current publications.

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